Copper Episode 10

Copper: “A Vast and Fiendish Plot”

I’ll be playing in Copper episde 10 on Sunday November 4th, 2010 at 9pm and in rerun, 3 hours later at 12ham on Monday morning, in Canada according to Showcase’s schedule.


Copper on Showcase

“November 25, 1864. Corcoran is racing the clock to keep his life and New York City intact. Joining forces with Robert Morehouse, Eva Heissen, and the coppers of the Sixth Precinct, Corcoran prepares for his biggest fight since the Draft Riots. Doctor Matthew Freeman is forced to make a difficult decision when wife Sara takes her well-being into her own hands, placing their family at risk. Morehouse discovers the true nature of his father’s involvement with his new business associates. With little time and no options, he calls upon the one person he trusts implicitly – Corcoran. The worlds of Corcoran and Morehouse collide with explosive fallout that could change the face of New York City – and the trajectory of the Civil War – forever. Written by BBC America


I’m not sure what channel it is exactly but I know for sure that Copper will be shown on Showcase.  Here’s a list of the channel line ups according to the websites I found.  (You can click on the link to see where I found the channel number)

Rogers Showcase Channel # 145, 146, 238, hd 560

Bell Express Vu Showcase Diva Channel # 335

Videotron Showcase Diva va changer de nom et de vocation; elle va devenir Lifetime Channel # 131


Andre Givogue in CopperIn Copper, I’m not in a mask. I’ll be in 1800’s black clothes and will have a black top hat. It’ll be pretty obvious… unlike other movies I’ve done.  You can’t miss me, I’ll be there on several occasions (you’ll see me at 4m21s, 16m48s, 28m23s and 29m19s to be precise)  :)

Check out what I do, it’s pretty cool or hot should I say.  haha


If you want you can buy the Copper series here

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