(ACTRA 05-01371) (I.M.D.B.)
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Age: 30  Hair Type: Straight Jacket: 44”
Height: 6’1 Hair Length: Medium Shirt: 15.5”
Eye: Green Hair: Dirty Blond Waist: 34”
Ethnicity: Caucasian Weight: 195 lbs Inseam: 35”
Official Website: Shoe Size: 12
Special Skills:
Fight, Martial Arts Fight, Acrobatic Reactions, Weapons, Stair Falls, Falls, Drive, Snowboard, Ski, Swim, Gymnastics/ Split, Skate, Skydive, Horse Riding, Stunts, Wire Work, Hockey, Well-Rounded Athlete In All Sports.
Film and Television:
Eddie Lead Stunt Double Mic Jones
  (Thure Lindhardt)  
Another Man’s Wife Lead Stunt Double Mic Jones
  (Dylan Neal)  
The Stepson Lead Stunt Double David Rigby
  (Jon McLaren)  
The Expatriate SSE Doctor Jean Frenette
Immortals SSE Hoplite/Heraklion Jean Frenette
    Marc Desourdy
The Day SSE Indoor Savage # 1 Layton Morrison
The Badge Stunt Actor (Store Thief) Allan Chou
EVOL Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
The Scarab Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife * Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
Anno Domini 3048 Stunt Actor Chris Finnigan
NX Files Stunt Fighter Alain Moussi
Mountain Fight Stunt Actor Daniel Lavigne
Taxi Depot Fight Stunt Fighter Dennis Lafond
*Best Action Sequence Award Winner at the Action On Film Festival 2009  
Theatre, Stage & Events:
The Last Airbender Premier Fight Performer Cineplex Odeon (Silver City)
Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009 Forerunner Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009
WKF Martial Arts Show Fight Performer Therien Jiu-Jitsu, Congress Center Hull
Carnival Demos Fight Performer Therien Jiu-Jitsu, Community Carnival

Embrun High School – Drama class, shadowing, mirroring, stage lightings, stage fighting, blocking, public speaking
Martial Arts: Black Belt in Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kajukenbo, sword & stick fighting, wire training
Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruiting School (CFLRS) Graduate (firearms trained)
Paul Rapovski stunt wire training in Toronto
Action Reel:





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