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Copper Episode 10

Copper: “A Vast and Fiendish Plot”

I’ll be playing in Copper episde 10 on Sunday November 4th, 2010 at 9pm and in rerun, 3 hours later at 12ham on Monday morning, in Canada according to Showcase’s schedule.


Copper on Showcase

“November 25, 1864. Corcoran is racing the clock to keep his life and New York City intact. Joining forces with Robert Morehouse, Eva Heissen, and the coppers of the Sixth Precinct, Corcoran prepares for his biggest fight since the Draft Riots. Doctor Matthew Freeman is forced to make a difficult decision when wife Sara takes her well-being into her own hands, placing their family at risk. Morehouse discovers the true nature of his father’s involvement with his new business associates. With little time and no options, he calls upon the one person he trusts implicitly – Corcoran. The worlds of Corcoran and Morehouse collide with explosive fallout that could change the face of New York City – and the trajectory of the Civil War – forever. Written by BBC America


I’m not sure what channel it is exactly but I know for sure that Copper will be shown on Showcase.  Here’s a list of the channel line ups according to the websites I found.  (You can click on the link to see where I found the channel number)

Rogers Showcase Channel # 145, 146, 238, hd 560

Bell Express Vu Showcase Diva Channel # 335

Videotron Showcase Diva va changer de nom et de vocation; elle va devenir Lifetime Channel # 131


Andre Givogue in CopperIn Copper, I’m not in a mask. I’ll be in 1800’s black clothes and will have a black top hat. It’ll be pretty obvious… unlike other movies I’ve done.  You can’t miss me, I’ll be there on several occasions (you’ll see me at 4m21s, 16m48s, 28m23s and 29m19s to be precise)  :)

Check out what I do, it’s pretty cool or hot should I say.  haha


If you want you can buy the Copper series here




As many of you know, Immortals was my very first Hollywood production that I got the opportunity to work on. We are a total of 6 guys from Ottawa (all of which we played in EVOL)! How cool is that!

I remember talking to some of the guys saying that one day we’ll do fight scenes on a big Hollywood production. Well my friends, that time has finally arrived. Since January 2010, we’ve heard about the production, February 2010, I had my auditions to work with the stunt guys on the movie. The film was shot over a span of 3 months (plus 2 months of prep) and my scenes where all in about month of continuous shooting.



Andre_hoplight_2aEraklionaOur schedule was pretty crazy. The average day was about 14.5 hours and the longest day we did was 18.5 hours. All our scenes were all related to the big tunnel war scene. One day we were dressed as the good guys and one day the bad guys and other days half were good guys and the other half were the bad guys.

It was an awesome experience. Until today, I’ve keep this on the down low as we were supposed to keep it confidential. But now that the movie is coming out and just around the corner, we have the OK to get the word out publicly.

Here are some of the trailers.





Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

For more trailers and or pictures you can visit the official Immortals’ website here and the Canadian official Immortals’ website here.

Special Ottawa Screening!

Immortals_June_2010I’m organizing a Special Screening of Immortals for all Friends and Family of Ottawa Performers who were in Immortals including myself (André Givogue), Alain Moussi, Dennis Lafond, Daniel Lavigne, Mandel Nallo, Justin Saikaley. Many have already expressed interest and I look forward to the showing.

It will be held on Saturday November 12th in the afternoon representation which should be around 2pm or 3pm. Price will be no more than the regular theatre ticket price. Seats will be first come first serve.

If you are interested, you can come and join us at the Silvercity theatre in Gloucester. If you would like to follow my stunt career, please fill out the link below and I will keep you updated with my news.

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See you on the 12th when Immortals is UNLEASHED!!!


Where is Andre? …Good luck! :o)



André Givogue Full ACTRA

André Givogue is now full ACTRA member

Since 2005, ever since André Givogue realized that ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists) was the union for all the professionals in the acting and stunts industry, André Givogue made a personal goal to join the union so he can perform amongst other professionals and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.


The decision to embark on a career performing as an ACTRA member is not one to be taken lightly. Performing is a challenging profession that requires discipline, continuous training and lots of hard work.


So why would he join the union in the first place? Put yourself in his shoes and consider this.


When you’re part of ACTRA, you’re part of the strongest, full-service cultural union in Canada. Think of it like a 21,000-strong family that’s got your back.


ACTRA has negotiated some of the strongest collective agreements for performers in the world and they stand together to make sure engagers deliver the pay and protections that you’d be promised.


There are many good reasons to be part of the union and ‘work ACTRA’ – here are six:


Better pay
When you work ACTRA you’re not only guaranteed a minimum fee, once you’ve shot the production and however the production is used, you’re paid for your work. Since 1983 ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (PRS) has paid out millions in use fees, royalties, residuals and all other forms of compensation or remuneration to which ACTRA members and permit holders are entitled.


Retirement benefits
By working ACTRA, you’re actually putting away money for your retirement. Every time you work, both the producer and you contribute to your personal RRSP at Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS). That’s a real bonus since over 60% of Canadians aren’t covered by any retirement pension plan.

Each time you work under an ACTRA contract, a portion of your earnings are remitted to AFBS to be put into your own individual retirement savings plan. Thanks to their negotiated collective agreements, producers contribute more than double what you do. AFBS then invests those funds wisely on your behalf to ensure a positive return for you when you retire.


Health benefits
When you work ACTRA, you have access to a full range of health benefits provided by AFBS. In addition to extended medical, dental and eye care, AFBS provides health benefits for retirement facilities, home care and assistance support, special needs, prolonged illness, extended disabilities, addiction treatment, and funerals. And the coverage is not just for you, but may also include your spouse/partner, and any dependent children.


Work opportunities
When you work ACTRA you’re considered a professional performer by the film, television and digital media industry. Compared to all other non-union performers, you’ll enjoy preference of engagement with producers. You’ll have access to training programs where you can meet other professionals and learn the inside track of the acting world from how to land the audition, to working with your agent, to managing your finances.

ACTRA’s agreements cover all audio-visual productions and offer a number of incentive programs for lower-budget Canadian productions too!


Intervention when there’s trouble
Their 11 collective agreements establish minimum fees, terms and working conditions on behalf of members working in the audio-visual industry. These agreements do more than make sure you get paid a fair wage; they make sure you are protected every time you step on a set. We’ve got rules covering health and safety, work hours, set conditions, nudity, and harassment. ACTRA is especially proud of our rules protecting young performers.

Got a problem on set? Call ACTRA! They are there to protect you.


Fighting for the performers’ culture
When you work ACTRA, you’ll be a member of one of Canada’s leading cultural organizations. Their union is a vocal advocate for the arts and the right for Canadians to have opportunities to tell and see their own stories. Through ongoing media and lobbying campaigns that target all levels of government, ACTRA speaks out for the development and protection of Canadian culture, a strong film, television and digital media industry, and increased work opportunities for members.


Being a member of ACTRA means André Givogue is now considered a professional, and being a professional brings special rights and some responsibilities.


ACTRA LogoRights
ACTRA Members’ professional rights include:

  1. the right to a fair wage.
  2. the right to compensation for use of the performers’ image and performance.
  3. the right to safe and acceptable working conditions.
  4. the right to artistic freedom.
  5. the right to maintain control over artistic output.
  6. the right to be treated respectfully as an integral component of the production industry and as a contributing member of the Canadian cultural fabric.


In order to maintain the strength of ACTRA’s collective agreements members must maintain their solidarity as a union. By becoming an ACTRA Member André Givogue is committing to respect all of the rules in their Bylaws as at May 10 2010 and Constitution. André can only work on an ACTRA contract under one of their collective agreements, and must only work with performers who are also ACTRA Members in good standing or otherwise qualified by ACTRA. André Givogue also cannot work for a fee or under conditions less than the minimum set out in the relevant agreement.


When producers and agents ask members to work non-union, they are asking them to work for less and say no to member’s pension. They are telling members that they don’t deserve health benefits. They are saying they don’t need to be protected from onset accidents and harassment. They are undermining ACTRA. They are undervaluing ACTRA’s members. This is why André Givogue can only work with fellow-professional performers and ‘work ACTRA.’


Congratulations to André Givogue
Today December 8th, 2010 is the day that André Givogue officially joins the union (ACTRA). He has shown determination and dedication to his craft which allowed him to get all his credits required to be one of them.


If you have the passion to be a performer and are willing to make the commitment, there are three ways that a performer can become a member of ACTRA. Visit the ACTRA website to read more about the “three ways that a performer can become a member of ACTRA”.


EVOL well received in Ottawa


EVOL Ottawa Premiere at Mayfair TheatreEVOL was really well received at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa on November 19th, and 21st, 2010. Starting the show on Friday night with a packed full house, to the point where some unlucky people couldn’t get in, Pascal Aka and André Givogue welcomed the guests before giving a welcome speech to the crowd.EVOL_Full_House_2


“I was really surprised and happy to see how many people showed up to support us considering our movie opened on the same night as Harry Potter. My biggest fear was that it would be empty. There’s nothing worse than having an empty theatre on the opening night.” – André Givogue


Andr_Givogue_On_Stage_At_EVOL_Premiere_In_Ottawa Andr_Givogue_On_Stage_At_EVOL_Premiere_In_Ottawa_1 Andr_Givogue_On_Stage_At_EVOL_Premiere_In_Ottawa_2


As Pascal would say: “Our goal is to inspire young artists in the Ottawa community to make their dreams come true. It can be done!”


EVOL_Full_House_Audience_Choice_Award_Andre_GivogueEVOL_DVDs_SOLD_OUTEVOL brought back the “Audience Choice Award” home from the Action On Film Festival in LA back in July 2010.


Local Medias went all out on their story being featured in newspapers, radio, television, blogs and more.


On Sunday night, all the EVOL DVD were sold out like hot buns. Many folks of the crowd after watching the movie wanted to own their own copy and rushed buy them.


Make sure you have a look at EVOL The Movie official Youtube page for tailers, fight scenes and more.


If you weren’t able to grab your copy of the movie, you’ll be happy to hear that a second shipment of EVOL DVDs was received and that you may now own your own EVOL DVD copy, click here. While quantities last.



Demo Reel

André Givogue’s Action Reel


André Givogue action reel is to showcase his ability to perform on camera. He understands camera angles, timing, reactions and how to perform according to the production’s needs and want. If you are a coordinator, you can view André Givogue’s resumé.



(ACTRA 05-01371) (I.M.D.B.)
Tel: (613) 212-0624


Age: 30  Hair Type: Straight Jacket: 44”
Height: 6’1 Hair Length: Medium Shirt: 15.5”
Eye: Green Hair: Dirty Blond Waist: 34”
Ethnicity: Caucasian Weight: 195 lbs Inseam: 35”
Official Website: Shoe Size: 12
Special Skills:
Fight, Martial Arts Fight, Acrobatic Reactions, Weapons, Stair Falls, Falls, Drive, Snowboard, Ski, Swim, Gymnastics/ Split, Skate, Skydive, Horse Riding, Stunts, Wire Work, Hockey, Well-Rounded Athlete In All Sports.
Film and Television:
Eddie Lead Stunt Double Mic Jones
  (Thure Lindhardt)  
Another Man’s Wife Lead Stunt Double Mic Jones
  (Dylan Neal)  
The Stepson Lead Stunt Double David Rigby
  (Jon McLaren)  
The Expatriate SSE Doctor Jean Frenette
Immortals SSE Hoplite/Heraklion Jean Frenette
    Marc Desourdy
The Day SSE Indoor Savage # 1 Layton Morrison
The Badge Stunt Actor (Store Thief) Allan Chou
EVOL Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
The Scarab Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife * Stunt Actor Dennis Lafond
Anno Domini 3048 Stunt Actor Chris Finnigan
NX Files Stunt Fighter Alain Moussi
Mountain Fight Stunt Actor Daniel Lavigne
Taxi Depot Fight Stunt Fighter Dennis Lafond
*Best Action Sequence Award Winner at the Action On Film Festival 2009  
Theatre, Stage & Events:
The Last Airbender Premier Fight Performer Cineplex Odeon (Silver City)
Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009 Forerunner Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009
WKF Martial Arts Show Fight Performer Therien Jiu-Jitsu, Congress Center Hull
Carnival Demos Fight Performer Therien Jiu-Jitsu, Community Carnival

Embrun High School – Drama class, shadowing, mirroring, stage lightings, stage fighting, blocking, public speaking
Martial Arts: Black Belt in Therien Jiu-Jitsu & Kajukenbo, sword & stick fighting, wire training
Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruiting School (CFLRS) Graduate (firearms trained)
Paul Rapovski stunt wire training in Toronto
Action Reel:





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