As many of you know, Immortals was my very first Hollywood production that I got the opportunity to work on. We are a total of 6 guys from Ottawa (all of which we played in EVOL)! How cool is that!

I remember talking to some of the guys saying that one day we’ll do fight scenes on a big Hollywood production. Well my friends, that time has finally arrived. Since January 2010, we’ve heard about the production, February 2010, I had my auditions to work with the stunt guys on the movie. The film was shot over a span of 3 months (plus 2 months of prep) and my scenes where all in about month of continuous shooting.



Andre_hoplight_2aEraklionaOur schedule was pretty crazy. The average day was about 14.5 hours and the longest day we did was 18.5 hours. All our scenes were all related to the big tunnel war scene. One day we were dressed as the good guys and one day the bad guys and other days half were good guys and the other half were the bad guys.

It was an awesome experience. Until today, I’ve keep this on the down low as we were supposed to keep it confidential. But now that the movie is coming out and just around the corner, we have the OK to get the word out publicly.

Here are some of the trailers.





Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

For more trailers and or pictures you can visit the official Immortals’ website here and the Canadian official Immortals’ website here.

Special Ottawa Screening!

Immortals_June_2010I’m organizing a Special Screening of Immortals for all Friends and Family of Ottawa Performers who were in Immortals including myself (André Givogue), Alain Moussi, Dennis Lafond, Daniel Lavigne, Mandel Nallo, Justin Saikaley. Many have already expressed interest and I look forward to the showing.

It will be held on Saturday November 12th in the afternoon representation which should be around 2pm or 3pm. Price will be no more than the regular theatre ticket price. Seats will be first come first serve.

If you are interested, you can come and join us at the Silvercity theatre in Gloucester. If you would like to follow my stunt career, please fill out the link below and I will keep you updated with my news.

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See you on the 12th when Immortals is UNLEASHED!!!


Where is Andre? …Good luck! :o)



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