Resident Evil 5 Application

OMG today was the day that Brett Chan and the other guys were in Toronto to

accept stunt resumes. To make a lasting impression, since they said they would accept the resumes in person, I decided to go and drop it off in person.

Last night, my friend Marc came over to my house as he was already going back to Kingston and he also loves driving so he offered me a ride to Toronto and back to Kingston I would have to take the bus back to Ottawa.

To give you a perspective on timings, here’s what we had to play with. The stunt coordinators are at that location from 3-5 pm, the last bus from Kingston to Ottawa leaves at 6:20pm and from the martial arts location in Toronto to Kingston bus station, it takes 2h30 minutes. Which means drop the resume off, then at 3h30pm the latest, I must be out of there.

So last night, I prepared all my stuff, some promotional kits, my headshot, my resume, demo reel, business cards, envelopes with fancy labels, everything to look extremely professional.

This morning I get up earlier than usual so 8:10 am up get ready to go. We drive for a couple hours then I fill up my friend’s car. The road is quite long as there are major big clouds pouring rain. We get to my destination at about 1:20 pm. Since it rather early, we decide to go kill time at a nearby Boston Pizza. We order our food, our appetizers come in but it’s not before 2:35pm that our food comes in.

I’m starting to stress a little as I want to be there at 3:00 pm the latest because we have to be out of there by 3:20, right! Turns out, we go there at 3:05 pm I walked in and I saw about 5-6 guys all around Brett. Keep in mind that most of them, all know each other from previous jobs which makes me the new guy. I didn’t want to be rude and cut anyone off so I paused and waited for a socially acceptable good opportunity to step forward.

I was a little internally agitated you can say or nervous actually more like a little flare of stage fright at that precise moment. I kept my cool, breath slowly and step up and said hi to Brett and a couple other guys and shook their hands, I then slipped my hand in my carryon bag, reached for my envelope and handed it to Brett, the stunt coordinator for Resident Evil 5.

I took a step back to go back in line with the rest of the circle surrounding him. He opened my envelope, pulled out my demo reel cd, and had a quick glance at my resume and me, like he took a photographic memory picture of my body size, characteristics and measurements. I then exchange a couple words with other people then said I will leave therefore shook their hand good bye.

Going back to the car, I cross other stuntmen, walking towards the place to go. Once in the car, I told Marc that wow, do you know who all these guys were? Their movies list and experiences are huge. Now it started to hit me more, like did I do this ok, did I make a positive lasting impression, and are they going to call me back? Etc etc. Only time will tell.

Alright, mission one, accomplished, mission 2, get to Kingston bus station on time. Great we are stuck in traffic. Our estimated time of arrive according to the GPS is 5:49 pm and it leaves at 6:20pm.

As the traffic was slowly moving, our estimated of arrival was slowly climbing. We finally get out of traffic into a fast speed stretch, our estimated time of arrival is now 6:04pm that stays for a while then the rain picks up again, only this time, it’s so bad that it reduces the visibility a lot and lots of people are extremely slowing down. Our estimated time of arrival jumps to 6:14pm. I’m now thinking of alternate solutions as if I miss it, there’s no more busses going to Ottawa. But, I also wanted to stay within my budget of $100 max. Things weren’t looking good at all for us, the closer we’d get, the more the time would go up. 6:15, 6:14, 6:15, 6:16 my stress levels just kept climbing up.

With about 20km to go, downward pouring rain just to make matters worse, as we were driving a blue suv literally cut us off to the point that his rear passenger side wheel was going to hit our driver side’s wheel, everything went in slow motion through my eyes yet everything was super fast in real life. As he was coming to hit us Marc turned right off the 401 hwy onto the shoulder dramatically slowing down a saved everyone from a major accident. He came back on the hwy with full control but my heart was pounding hardcore, now that was a frightening scare, holly crap that was a close call. 6:18pm.

OMG my adrenaline is pumping like crazy yet I can’t do anything. 5km left, we see a bus coming out of the bus station. NOOOOOO! Game over dammit all this to get there to miss the bus can you hear internal swearing at this point? As the bus comes closer and closer, it reads Kingston to Toronto, WOOOHOOOO OMG alright, it’s overtime, bonus round whatever you want to call it! When we pull in the bus terminal, I spot another Greyhound bus.

I quickly run inside and ask for Ottawa and the clerk said oh you’re lucky; the driver is right here next to me and was right about to leave. I buy my ticket, run out the other way to knock in Marc’s window, in the rain, giving him a thumbs up as I ran for the bus. The driver already had taken my ticket from inside. I got into the back of the bus and sat down and he was backing up. I just made it and here I am in the bus writing all this in my cell phone on my way back to Ottawa. Whoa, what a trip!

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